⤑ legal name Bellamy Woolsey ⤑ nicknames Bel, Woolsey ⤑ age + birth date 72; June 26, 1946 ⤑ birthplace Blair, Nebraska ⤑ orientation Panromantic asexual ⤑ occupation Middle school English teacher ⤑ education BA in Education ⤑ relationship status Single
Born into a large pack of werewolves located in the Midwest in the 1940s, Bellamy was constantly surrounded by family. In his pack were three or four families by the time he was born, all tangled together by marriages, but they never seemed to scramble for power. They dominated the neighborhood by sheer numbers, and there were frequently get-togethers, while most of the other pups were regular playmates of Bellamy's. As they all grew, some stayed with the pack, while others branched out to pursue things outside the bubble of what they considered normal, and safe.

Bellamy remained with the pack well into adulthood, using the education degree he'd obtained to pursue teaching in a local junior high. It wasn't until he was nearing his forties, around 2004, that he moved away, and although it was hard to leave his family (and his students, of course), he'd wanted to see what sort of world they were actually in, as a midwestern city populated with friendly faces and more werewolves than humans didn't allow for much experimentation.

He was more anxious than he would like to admit to truly strike out on his own, and live off his own work (his pack had been around so very long, after all, they were exceedingly comfortable). He's grown up some, since then, and werewolves live long enough that he was not an old dog learning new tricks, then. He isn't retired, yet, and since he has quite some time left, he has no intention of lying around (unless it's one of those days where that's exactly what he wants to do).
Bellamy is, when he is nothing else, loving. He's affectionate, endlessly loyal, and wears his heart on his sleeve. Although he was a rather snappy pup, he grew out of it as he reached his teens, and settled into a rather quiet, if anxious young man. Of course, as his confidence grew, so did his control over his transformations. While he can, at his age, reliably control himself around just about anything, extreme amounts of pain (such as that produced by a silver bullet or weapon, rare as they are) can produce a partial transformation. The moon, each month, still urges him to transform, and he rarely fights it.

Even transformed, he's affectionate, although a bit more toothy and insistent. He retains much of his personality, although he becomes more animal-like and less of a reasoning, adult human. He does retain most memories from his transformations, although occasionally finding himself not recalling how he ended up wherever he ended up. The very beginning and end of his nights elude him once in a while.

He tends to trust too easily, a trait that comes from being surrounded almost entirely by people he knew and loved, and can certainly be a little clingy, even among his friends. His students have claimed, not uncommonly, that he's a bit of a pushover (although he's been working on that, and when he has a very set limit, he'll tend to stick to it). He can also be a little set in his ways, which comes largely from his family's tight-knit tendency.