⤑ legal name Caspar Grant Morgan ⤑ nicknames Cas, Cassy ⤑ age + birth date 25 + March 25 ⤑ height + weight 6' 2" + 152 lbs ⤑ birthplace London, England ⤑ residence Seoul, South Korea ⤑ occupation Biochemistry Graduate Student, Seoul National University ⤑ education BS Mathematics ⤑ relationship status Single and ready to mingle There's a ghost ⤑ personality type the commander ENTJ-A
Driven largely by a curiosity and a need to know things, it's often a surprise when he doesn't. He's organised, and tends to keep things in their place a little more agressively than is really necessary. With a clear interest in knowledge, and the world around him from a young age, he's been drawn to animals and such for the majority of his life. He can snap at times, more to people than animals, but in general seems to have more energy than a person ought to, realistically.

The second of four children, Cas grew up in a less than spacious flat with his mother, father, and three siblings. His father worked in construction, and his mother stayed at home with them, aside from watching the other kids in the block of flats after school. As a result, Caspar is used to company and big lunches and ten children talking all at once. He stayed at home through school and it was in his second to last year that he came to a startling, frightening discovery of an attraction toward a male friend of his. Utterly unnerved by this revelation, he skipped the remainder of the day, and avoided that friend for the remainder of the year. Typically very closeted, Cas is very worried that his newfound newfound sexuality compromises his masculinity. After high school, he did part time work for a while, saving up to move out, and at twenty, he finally did, in order to move to Korea and attend University. He's currently living modestly on school loan and scholarship money and wages, which is enough to let him carry his smoking habit.
PB Dylan O'Brien • EST • 3rd Person Past • Adult Scene or FTB friendly