⤑ legal name CLinton Francis Barton ⤑ nicknames Clint, Hawkeye ⤑ age + birth date 35 + June 18, 1979 ⤑ height + weight 6' 1" + 180 lbs ⤑ birthplace Waverly, Iowa ⤑ residence Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn ⤑ occupation Landlord, former spy, Avenger, Secret Avenger, Head of West Coast Avengers ⤑ education some high school ⤑ relationship status Divorced ⤑ personality type the campaigner ENFP-T
Some people just aren't worth anything. Clint might think he's one of those people some days, but he knows for a fact that his father was one. He was an alcoholic, and he left both of his children and his wife with more than a few bruises most nights (and a few times, a fair deal more than that). His brother Barney was an unconventional savior and practiced some arguably too-tough love, but it got Clint through some pretty bad times, and he got a fair foundation in aiming, be it his fists or something else. Between bouts of bruising attacks and biting words that wouldn't ever be completely eradicated from his mind, he worked at his father's butcher shop in Waverly, Iowa.

It was one thing to hurt their mother, but another entirely to get her killed. Their father's drunkenness caused their mother's death in an accident that both boys were fortunate not to have seen. They were meant to be placed in a children's home, but they'd hardly begun to unpack before they were running away to a circus. A child's absolute dream!

Until the circus you worked for was aptly named the Circus of Crime (though that wasn't what went on the posters). Theft was the name of the game, and Clint's picked more pockets and stolen more valuables right off a person than he would ever want to count. While making his living in the circus, he was trained both by the original Swordsman and Trick Shot.

But inherently, Clinton wasn't any kind of criminal, and it didn't take long before he saw Iron Man in action, and strived to follow in his footsteps. Picking a name and an overly colourful costume of his own (complete with a letter on his head!!), he tried to do his own vigilante justice. But of course, in the world of misfortune that Clint perpetually lives in, he was mistaken for a criminal by the police.

Which explains how he met Natasha. He got roped into being her partner, in more ways than one, but that sense of justice, or at the very least, not wanting to make the world any worse than it was, spurred him to ditch the entire thing. Stark was nice enough to sponsor him for his entry into the Avengers, and things got so, so much better since then. He might still bitch about no one liking him, but there's some proof out there that there's at least one set of people (and an ex-wife!) that might care if he got shot through the face and didn't live to brag about it.
Most days Clint just wants everyone in the world to know he's a superhero, and that he's done some really great, super important stuff. But it seems like despite that, he wants to just lay around his apartment all day and talk to his dog (even though Lucky has way better things to do than to listen to Clint Barton whine about how no one likes him, particularly when it's completely untrue). He's self-loathing, and much less of a screw-up than he thinks he really is, but the only time he seems to perk up is when he's around his friends (aka the Avengers, people, he's one of them!!) or when there's a mission to be done, because who can resist stupid one-liners when there's several life-or death situations happening at once?!

He's an overwhelmingly nice guy sometimes and vehemently hates (and is often unable to ignore) when people are mistreated or, goodness forbid, bullied by any sort of person in power. He has zero luck with women (just ask his ex-wife and Natasha! ... And Jessica, and every other woman he's dated for a short time), but not for lack of trying. He's inherently attracted to powerful women, but they always manage to figure out that no matter how much of a good guy he is to other people, he's adamantly refused to let himself be happy and enjoy things without harping on how awful he is or something. It's partly why his marriage ended, but is largely why he can't hold any relationships since then.

You need a wing man? You got it. You need a dude to watch your back while you do something completely dangerous but totally ethical and not superhero-related? Right here. You need a guy to bend the rules in the name of helping out good, ordinary people? Hawkeye's on the job. He wants more recognition than he gets, and he probably wants more than he ever will. Whether that stems from his childhood or just because he hates being as invisible as he feels, he's totally never going to ask himself. He's fantastic at ignoring his emotions, and he has both highs and lows, but the lows are low enough to leave him sprawled in his apartment and feeling absolutely numb and the highs are when he knows he can change the world and that good'll always triumph over evil.

But he's really not all bad, and he's not all depressing either. He's fun to be around, and is always, always ready to help out a friend in need any way he can. It's pretty ridiculous, actually. He'd risk life and limb just to get one of his friends to smile (or, if they aren't the smiling type, a general, vague kind of appreciation), and he's pretty obnoxiously loyal.