⤑ legal name 胡 关羽 | Hu Guānyǔ ⤑ nicknames Kuanyu, Kuan, Kaine ⤑ age + birth date 23 + September 4, 1993 ⤑ height + weight 5' 9" + 130 lbs ⤑ birthplace Fresno, CA ⤑ residence Las Vegas, Nevada ⤑ occupation Directory Assistance Operator ⤑ education 10th Grade in Washington Union High School, Fresno, CA ⤑ relationship status Single ⤑ personality type the campaigner ENFP-T

Growing up in Fresno with parents that were only somewhat skilled in English, Kuan-yu grew up learning both English and Taiwanese in equal measures, going mostly by Kaine at the persistance of his family (and his teachers' inabilty to pronounce his birth name). The name stuck around, largely because of the exclusion of Kuan-yu. As a child, Kaine had a large interest in ballet, though he was without lessons with his parents' budgets oftentimes barely covering their rent. That didn't stop him from awkwardly practicing along with ballets that aired on PBS, or that he was able to rent from a local video store.

He'd barely crossed into middle school when his father passed away. Quickly, they were left without a place to stay, as his mother's income couldn't support them both, and they ended up briefly at the Gum Moon Women's Residence in Transitional Housing, and in that time, Kaine's mother was able to get him a small amount of piano lessons. He was a quick study, and although it didn't blossom into a fascination the way ballet had, he remained studious with the intention of not wasting the money his mother spent, and was interested in pursuing it later in life.

Kaine had no great aspirations, and school was never first on his priority list. He did small jobs to bring what little money to his mother that he could at such a young age - mowing lawns, doing simple services for both residents at Gum Moon as well as those in neighboring communities. It was a small amount of money, but he was a scrappy thing, and managed to win over home-cooked meals as well, which he would bring back home with a certain amount of pride along with the dollars clutched in his fist.

He'd barely crested over sixteen when he began pursuing part time jobs relentlessly. He was fluent in both Taiwanese and English, and did his best to put both those things to work for him, applying locally, in Asian businesses as well as American ones.

Briefly, he worked as a webcam model, just as he'd broached twenty-one, but had found himself feeling unpleasant afterward. The money had been good, however, and since moving to Las Vegas (a different sort of city of dreams), he's taken it up again, along with growing surprisingly comfortable at a job full of flipping switches and taking hundreds of calls asking for numbers and directions.

PB Mark Tuan • EST • 3rd Person Past • Adult Scene or FTB friendly