why can't you miss me?
I. AGE && CONTENT. I'm over eighteen; you should be too if you want to explore most anything NSFW. Some characters may not yet be of legal age, in those instances, there will be no NSFW content with them. That said, I'll happily play most anything else with those that aren't yet 18! This blog won't be containing much adult material..

II. MULTIVERSE && MULTISHIP. This blog is multiverse and multiship. That said, they'll all be separate verses unless we specify that beforehand. I'm also open to established relationships, particularly if we speak ooc about them beforehand. I've had so many ships end up a really amazing thing because the other writer and I ended up chatting..

III.WRITING && REPLIES. I write in third-person, past tense. I typically use icons, but you don't need to use them to write with me. I format my posts with a single small tag, but if you need me to keep it the default size, let me know!! I do not care if you format your posts, it's not indicative of quality. I cut posts to two replies, I'd like it if you could do the same, but I completely understand if you're not able..

IV. TRIGGERS && TAGGING. While I don't have any triggers myself, I'm happy to tag anything you might need. If you need anything at all tagged, never hesitate to let me know!! No explanation necessary, and if you don't feel comfortable coming forward, feel free to leave something on anon..

V. FOLLOWING && ACTIVITY. I typically do follow back. If I don't, most likely I can't see my characters & your character interacting, or I actually have no idea what fandom your character is from and feel entirely too out of my element. On the subject of activity, I try my best to keep up with replies, but I tend to update a little sporadically at times. Don't let that worry you, I'll be back in just a while..

VI. VERSES && AUS. I love AUs. You wanna write a coffee shop AU with all the horrible tropes? I'm there. College AU? Here for it. Some incredibly specific AU that I'll never find anyone interested in? Those are the best. My verses are pretty much ever-changing, and never really set in stone. As it stands, I make more as I think of more, and when I think of specific fandoms I'd like to interact with. Just because I don't have a verse established for your fandom, don't worry! I'm still happy to figure one out..