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He doesn't make a great first impression, doesn't have much of a presence. But he's a kid, the few times he can break away from chores that he's only middling at the last thing he's worried about is making a good impression. There's still some excitement inside him, about what could come.

Business as usual, there's always something to be hunted, drinks to be had, and companionship isn't something he needs to seek out. It's these times that he treasures, and really, who needs anyone when there was still an 'us'?

There isn't any hero in Villeneuve anymore, and it's not very easy to get over that. He's trying to move on, but to be honest a lot of days it doesn't work very well. Magic is real, but that doesn't mean people come back to life just because you wish for it.

He's working a couple dead-end jobs because who has the time or money for college? A little apartment somewhere, a vinyl collection he spends too much money on, and a Poodle named Armand are the most important things in his life. Can be found on his days off either playing video games, sleeping, or trying his best to arrange some Pathfinder campaign.

A mutant on the down-low, he's not telling many people. His power is to dampen others', and with some practice he could nullify them altogether. He runs a weekly mutant rights podcast with as many guest speakers as he can handle.

Sorted into Hufflepuff. Muggle-born, and generally well-liked, even if he doesn't always make the best decisions - remember that time he decided that there wasn't any reason students should be disallowed from having spiral-bound notebooks and real, actual pens? Didn't go over well with the faculty. It didn't stop him from trying, though.

Splish splash. A whale of a tail, all that. He isn't luring men to their deaths, usually, but when he does, he's pretending to drown. But he still kinda wants to be part of their world.

Just that time of the month again. The one that ends with him lying naked in the kitchen trying to breathe through the realization that he ate the neighbor's dog last night. There's a part of him that likes it, al the running around, the wind in his fur, the blood in his mouth, but he doesn't think about that part.

A yes-man, one who's not as sweet-hearted. He's not interested in the greater good, because there isn't a greater good than Gaston, right? No matter the dirty looks he gives Gaston, he respects him like nobody else.